About us

Since 2005 diverted music has been booking European bands worldwide with a focus on artists from or based in Austria.

All have one thing in common, not only do they play music drawn from their roots but also in a sense “play” with the music they produce. And the result?  Cool, refreshing and original, great music! One other thing all truly enjoy themselves and this you’ll see on stage!

Here at diverted music we’ve worked with many event organisers from festivals to large concert houses, arts centres, club’s to municipal and international events, plus we do some corporate work.

In this we’ve also worked with government agencies (Austrian Cultural Forums) and many others. Not to mention we have great links with other agencies all both locally and internationally who are very happy to work with us. Further we’ve experience of working with media , from radio to TV, print and web!

Just a few of our customers …

Konzerthaus Wien, Jeunesse Musical Austria,  Glatt & Verkehrt, Tradit Festival (NL), Folkest (IT), Boombal festival (BE), Korrö Folkfestival (SE), Joe's Pub (US/NYC), Ollin Kan Festival (MX), Rainforest World Music Festival (MY) etc.