ALMA was born in 2011, since then they have playfully been combining down-to-earth folk music with complex arrangements in a trip through world history. They play a music that comes directly from the soul and aims at the public's own sleeping roots.

ALMA's music triggers emotions. It jumps over borders, not breaking musical traditions, but enhancing them, “Ländler” and polkas, yodelers and waltzes, bourrées and musettes come to life side by side as a matter of course. Everything, be it joy, happiness, or melancholy, is there. Because every tone is played with complete respect, inspiration is always given enough room to flourish.

Julia, Matteo, Marlene, Evelyn and Marie-Theres are, without disguising themselves, throwing a modern veil over traditional folk music. Playing violin, upright bass and accordeon, they sing and yodel, elated and humorous, lyrical and doleful.

Alma's debut album “Nativa” came out in 2013 under the col legno label, followed by a second one in May 2015, “Transalpin”. Their third album, still with col legno, was released in June 2017 under the dadaist title “OEO” - dedicated to the Esperanto of alpine music.

Their new album and christmas program "CHERUBIM" will follow in December 2019.


Concerts - Folkbaltica (D/DK), Opening of "Wiener Festwochen", European Broadcast Union Festival 2014 Rättvik/SE (invited by the national broadcast company ORF/Ö1 as Austrian representatives 2014), Porgy & Bess Jazzclub Vienna, Konzerthaus Wien, Carinthischer Sommer, Fraunhofer Volksmusiktage, Jeunesse-Touren through A, Zoa-Festival Ardagger, Musiksommer Bad Schallerbach, Tonspuren Asitz/Leogang, Schrammelklang Litschau, Jazzfestival Saalfelden (August 2014), Spielberg Musikfestival, Tiroler Festspiele Erl, Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (DE), Swing on Snow (IT), Österreichische Musikwochen in Bulgarien, Festival de Alturas in Peru, etc ...

Media profile - Album "Oeo" CD OF THE MONTH July 2017 - BR Klassik, Multiple appearances on Austrian and Bavarian TV and radio (ORF, BR, Servus TV)

Awards -GERMAN RECORD CRITICS AWARD - Winner of listed albums 4/2017 in the category "Traditionelle ethnische Musik"

-GERMAN WORLD MUSIC AWARD "Rudolstadt-Festival RUTH" 2017

-AUSTRIAN WORLD MUSIC AWARD 2015 - second prize


" Fly, dear soul, fly... Five musicians from Austria, four women and a man, are letting their souls (in Spanish: almas) fly free and cross musical borders. Their backgrounds in Jazz, folk and classical music serve as a starting point for delightful experimentations. “You have to have roots to be able to improvise” believes Alma. Their music is Alpine and Transalpine, lyrical and lively, intelligent and entertaining, and blows a wonderful refreshing new breeze on the (string) music from Central Europe. Musica con alma y vida, music with heart and soul. In any musical language, that is praiseworthy." (Jury German World Music Award "Rudolstadt-Festival RUTH" 2017)


" [...] If there ever was a need to prove the high quality of this formation, „Transalpin“ delivers the evidence in the most beautiful and impressive manner. ALMA’s music stuns with its very own fascinating character that can carry you away, touch, entertain, and challenge you – all at the same time."
(austrian music export 06/05/2015)

" [...] Defying my expectations of 'folk', Nativa really is a wonderful album, a psychogeographic trip through the Austrian countryside, its extensive musical traditions and beyond. There is, of course, a sort of ripe crudeness about some of the numbers, bringing the pungency of the meadows to your speakers, yet the playing is always top-notch, with Bachian poise one minute and jam-like abandon the next. This is truly one of the most original soundworlds I've encountered of late."
(Gavin Plumley,, UK)


" Alma are casual, but not careless. Cool, but not cold. They are smart, but not intellectual, emotional, but not sentimental, virtuoso musicians, certainly, but without the urge to constantly show off their skill. When they do, they do it with a twinkle in their eye. In their music, tradition, improvisation and innovation are merged into something new, something very much alive. " (René Freund, booklet ALMA Nativa)


Julia Lacherstorfer - violin, vocals
Evelyn Mair
- violin, vocals
Matteo Haitzmann - violin, vocals
Marie-Theres Stickler – diatonic button accordion, shruti box, vocals
Marlene Lacherstorfer - double bass, vocals