In autumn 2016 the duo RAMSCH & ROSEN (Engl.: Rummage & Roses) fulfilled their wish of expanding their instrumentation by a piano and a bass. This not only coined an "extended version" of RAMSCH & ROSEN but also created a completely new and expanded world of sound with unlimited possibilities, offering new ways of developing traditional music, improvisation, and composition.


With David Six (piano) and Lukas Kranzelbinder (double bass), two masters of improvisation and composition are joining the band. Coming from the worlds of jazz and classical music, they also bring a great passion for ethnic and experimental music to the mix which makes them perfect partners for the duo RAMSCH & ROSEN.


A reduced and intense way of making music and experimental sound aesthetics along with sacral and traditional influences are like a musical home to the musicians that they can immerse into. Their compositions convey both fragility and rich harmonics as well as emotionality and, at times, even generate a mystical atmosphere.

This music feels like a tender embrace.


Julia Lacherstorfer - Fiddle, Voice, Shruti Box, Bells
Simon Zöchbauer - Trumpet, Zither, Voice, Shruti Box
David Six - Piano, Voice
Lukas Kranzelbinder - Double Bass, Voice